A Journal of the Plague Year 2020–chapter 18

Wait, there’s no mayo….

Thursday, March 26

It’s “a big crap sandwich,” says Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, holder of a Yale PhD in history and a man with a subtle feel for language that would be the envy of a Francis Parkman. Despite the opposition of Sasse and three other GOP senators (including the statesmanlike Lindsey Graham) to the bill’s stimulus check to the unemployed, the Senate finally passes—unanimously—its $2 trillion package. The House is expected to comply on Friday. 

Not everyone is happy: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, one of the few politicos to have emerged from the current situation with positive public ratings, says the bill is “terrible” in that the $3.1 billion earmarked to help his state with its budget gap is insufficient. Airlines get $25 billion in grants—but will they give passengers more leg room?

Some 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment last week, breaking existing records.

China is closing its borders to foreigners this weekend in hopes of avoiding a second wave of COVID-19. The number of cases from the first wave falls. 

Next to feel the coronavirus’ effects may be Latin America.

East Hampton Village has its third confirmed case. New York City’s residents may be unwelcome in Florida and Connecticut, thanks to those states’ governors—but many seem to be arriving on the East End, possibly bringing coronavirus with them.

Dinner: Black beans and rice, applesauce, green salad with cucumbers.

Entertainment: More of The Queen and Yes, Minister. What would we do without my Macintosh?

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