TO: John Bohner, Mitt Romney, etc. FROM: A.J. Liebling

Herewith, an excerpt from an A.J. Liebling essay, written in 1942 for The New Yorker, anticipating the coming defeat of Fascism:

The coming victory of the forces of enlightenment “made me personally, extremely and perhaps unreasonably happy. Millions of men meriting better than I have lived and died in humiliating periods of history. Free men and free thinking always get a return match with the forces of sadism and anti-reason sometimes. But I had wanted to see a win, I had wanted my era to be one of those that read well in the books. Some people like to live in a good neighborhood; I like to live in a good age. I am a sucker for a happy ending–the villain kicked in teeth, the stepchildren released from the dark basement….”

And, of course, the defeat of lying, hypocritical elitists posing as populists. So there.

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