Lots of Press Coverage for "The Company Town"

Worker housing in the Kitsap Peninsula timbering town of Port Gamble.

Today’s review of my book in the new issue of The Economist calls The Company Town “delightful.” Quite a boost to the old ego.

Here are some links to recent radio interviews and print articles regarding my book:

I appeared on Pat Thurston’s late night live-interview and call-in program, broadcast across the West Coast region by San Francisco-based KGO-AM, on Sunday October 3. It’s a very interesting show, with callers relating personal information about their experiences in Richmond, California and elsewhere.

On Monday, October 4 I appeared on Seattle’s NPR affiliate KUOW, discussing company towns in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. There are many such places there, including Port Gamble (pictured), which opened for business in the mid-19th century and only shut down in 1995. You can listen to my interview via the link above.

My New York Public Library appearance was shown on C-SPAN’s Book TV several times over last weekend. You can watch that video by clicking on the link above.

I was interviewed on another late-night radio program, Doug McIntyre’s nationally broadcast Red Eye Radio, on October 12. Callers to that program included a Michigan truck driver who says his freight nowadays often consists of used machinery, picked up at U.S. facilities and on its way to Asia. Red Eye Radio originates in Los Angeles and airs nationally on 25 stations around the United States.

Yesterday afternoon, I appeared on Fox Business television, where I was interviewed by Brian Sullivan. Then, I appeared on Bill Henning’s WNYE-FM program, “Communique,” which is heard in New York City.

The most recent issue of The Conference Board Review carries a Q&A conducted by editor Matthew Budman.

And finally, The Company Town was reviewed on Wednesday in The Tucson Citizen.

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