A Journal of the Plague Year 2021–chapter 193

Tuesday, February 9

This morning at 7 a.m., I was able to make appointments for the two doses of COVID-19 Moderna vaccine at Walgreen’s back in our NYC neighborhood. After I succeeded, Emily followed suit, making appointments at the same location and on the same days, February 12 and March 12. 

I couldn’t believe it. Emily came out of the bathroom and, she says, I told her in a very matter-of-fact way that I had made appointments. 

Like it was no big deal. Actually, I think I was in shock and disbelief. 

We have also been trying other Walgreen’s locations, including East Patchogue and Manorville. If either had succeeded, we’d have had to employ GPS to figure out just where these stores were. Instead, weirdly enough, we’ll be going to locations that we know well. One is a Duane Reade/Walgreen’s where I have historically picked up all of my prescriptions.

So we’ll go back on Thursday, and get the first jabs on Friday. 

We are told to print out and bring with us both the Walgreen’s e-mail regarding the shots and the NY State consent form. So it’s just as well we didn’t bring our computer printer out to Long Island—we’ll print these out in the apartment.

We’ll be reversing some of the moves we made when we first came out here in March of 2020: packing up foodstuffs, cooking gear, and clothes to take back. But for now, we figure we’ll only stay in the city for a few days. We’ll want to see if there are any negative effects of the vaccinations and possibly we’ll want to get some supplies that are more available in the city than out here. Various must-do ideas–like maybe getting haircuts–will occur to us between now and then. 

And of course, there may be some surprises that must be taken care of back in the city. Is the apartment O.K.? Are all of the plants dead?

Dinner: a goat cheese and cheddar omelette, asparagus, toast, and a small green salad.

Entertainment: Episodes of The Sinner on Netflix.

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